The Stigma of Chronic Migraine

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Health news - Headache disorders, including migraine, consistently rank among nan starring causes of disablement worldwide, particularly for those ages 15-49. That’s a large deal. Yet group often don’t deliberation of migraine arsenic a important disease. It’s often minimized and ignored.

Migraine is incredibly burdensome. But little than half of group pinch nan illness talk to their doctors astir it. And only 5% of group pinch chronic migraine person gotten nan due test and preventive care.

Stigma mightiness beryllium partially to blame.

What Do People Get Wrong About Migraine?

There are theories astir why migraine is truthful stigmatized. One logic is that your symptoms are mostly hidden. People don't spot a formed connected your arm. You’re not utilizing a crutch; you’re not bleeding.

Another logic is that, while migraine is an invisible illness, it affects group astir you. You whitethorn request to retreat to a acheronian room, return your medication, and slumber for a while. Your family, co-workers, aliases friends mightiness person to prime up nan slack.

If personification has to thief you retired a lot, they mightiness unfairly deliberation you’re lazy aliases are utilizing migraine to get retired of responsibilities. That’s really a reasonably communal stigma.

And group often confuse migraine pinch different kinds of headaches. They whitethorn wonderment why you can’t conscionable return a pill from nan drugstore and get complete it. But it’s much than “just a headache.” It tin past for days and has a agelong database of symptoms.

For example, you whitethorn beryllium highly delicate to light. That tin make it difficult to spell to nan movies aliases thrust erstwhile it’s agleam out. You whitethorn request to skip daytime visits to nan formation aliases park. Fluorescent overhead lights, for illustration nan ones communal successful offices, tin besides beryllium painful.

People pinch chronic migraine often person different heightened senses. Some smells, for illustration your colleague’s perfume, whitethorn beryllium overwhelming.

On apical of each that, migraine is simply a chronic illness pinch unpredictable attacks. You whitethorn usability really good 1 time and beryllium wholly abnormal nan next. For personification without migraine, that tin beryllium difficult to understand aliases believe.

Reframe Ideas Around Migraine

Chronic migraine is erstwhile you have, connected average, 15 aliases much headache days a month. At slightest 8 of those are linked to migraine, meaning you person migraine symptoms, aliases you respond to medicine migraine medication.

At minimum, that’s a headache each different day. Some group person continuous caput pain. That’s connected apical of galore different disabling symptoms that whitethorn travel before, after, aliases successful betwixt your attacks.

It’s easy to spot really migraine tin trim your engagement astatine work, school, aliases successful your relationships. And justifiably so. But you whitethorn consciousness guilt aliases shame astir really your information affects others. You whitethorn commencement to judge and sorb different antagonistic attitudes and stereotypes astir your disease.

When you internalize stigma, it tin time off you emotion anxious, depressed, helpless, aliases unworthy. That tin beryllium devastating to your self-esteem and well-being. Psychological distress tin past impact your beingness health. You could get insomnia, weight gain, immune strategy problems, aliases immoderate of nan different aesculapian issues associated pinch chronic stressors.

But it’s important to cognize you person a illness that’s not your fault.

Try to reframe your information successful a much affirmative light. Tell your expert if you person a difficult clip doing that. They tin mention you to a counsellor who useful pinch group who person migraine.

Health professionals tin besides normalize your acquisition and fto you cognize you’re not alone. In fact, you’re 1 successful much than a cardinal group connected nan satellite who unrecorded pinch migraine.

It's Important to Be Honest

You whitethorn not want to bring attraction to yourself aliases load others. But group without migraine whitethorn not person immoderate thought really superior your information is unless you show them.

You mightiness consciousness tense nan first clip you unfastened up. But these kinds of talks thin to time off you and nan different personification emotion better. And you’ll apt consciousness empowered erstwhile you shingle disconnected nan stigma astir migraine.

How to Talk to Loved Ones

One awesome point you tin do is bring a family personnel to your adjacent migraine checkup. Let them perceive consecutive from nan expert what your test is. Have your doc explicate what symptoms are related to your headache upset and what curen you mightiness need.

As overmuch arsenic possible, effort to see your friends and family successful your guidance plan. People who attraction astir you want to help, truthful springiness them circumstantial tasks. Tell your partner that it would beryllium really adjuvant if they could support nan kids quiet during your attacks. Let your 3-year-old cognize they tin bring you a acold washcloth and play softly to thief you consciousness better.

It’s besides a bully thought to springiness those adjacent to you a rundown of your treatments and medicine and person them fresh to spell earlier a migraine attack.

And create a backup scheme for things for illustration who’ll prime your kids up from schoolhouse aliases locomotion your dog. Reach retired for thief from your spouse, friend, parent, aliases a neighbour you trust. And retrieve to person a scheme B for dinner. Put nan sanction and number of your favourite pizza spot correct connected nan refrigerator.

How to Bring Up Migraine astatine Work

Thanks to structural stigma -- erstwhile antagonistic attitudes and stereotypes are portion of policies, laws, and organizational practices -- people pinch headache disorders sometimes person a difficult clip getting nan ineligible accommodations they’re entitled to.

But migraine is simply a wellness information that’s protected nether nan Americans pinch Disabilities Act.

Ask your expert to constitute up a short missive astir your condition. They tin see your test and instructions for erstwhile you person an attack. For instance, you whitethorn request to spell location and slumber for a fewer hours, get distant from agleam lights, aliases activity successful a fragrance-free area.

Give your doctor’s statement to your quality resources department. If you activity for a mini institution without HR, you whitethorn request to talk straight to your supervisor.

Technically, you don’t person to stock wellness issues pinch your co-workers. But it tin spell a agelong measurement if you springiness them a heads-up that you person migraine. Let them cognize what to expect. And create plans pinch them for really you’ll return attraction of things if an onslaught keeps you from work.

Don’t Be Shy With Your Doctor

You request to stock each of your symptoms. You whitethorn beryllium amazed astatine nan wide scope associated pinch migraine, including each sorts of overseas things that whitethorn not look related. 

For instance, you whitethorn person changeless encephalon fog aliases get tegument symptom that makes it difficult to deterioration a chapeau aliases ponytail. You whitethorn person tummy problems for illustration diarrhea, burping, aliases constipation. You whitethorn smell aliases sensation things that aren’t there. Your reside whitethorn get garbled, aliases half your assemblage could spell numb.

Let your expert put nan puzzle pieces together to thief you fig retired what’s going on.

Find Migraine Support Groups

It tin beryllium liberating to openly stock your ideas, feelings, and frustrations pinch group who cognize what you’re going through.

You tin find others successful nan aforesaid vessel done online migraine communities, societal media, aliases defense groups. That includes CHAMP (Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients) and nan American Migraine Foundation’s “Move Against Migraine” Facebook community.

And support your attraction connected nan future. Many group who unrecorded pinch a chronic unwellness extremity making plans because they don’t want to disappoint group by canceling. But erstwhile you do that, life gets smaller. You whitethorn commencement to miss retired connected things that bring you happiness and enrich your relationships.


Dawn Buse, PhD, licensed psychologist; objective professor, Department of Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, New York; committee member, American Headache Society.

Current Pain and Headache Reports: “Stigma and Migraine: Developing Effective Interventions.”

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