Why I Decided to Treat My Geographic Atrophy

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The prime to get curen for nan bedewed shape of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is simply a no-brainer. You person to get shots to prevention your vision. Fast involution whitethorn moreover amended your eyesight.

And for those of america pinch geographic atrophy (GA), an precocious shape of barren AMD, there’s dream for nan early now that nan first-ever curen was approved. The pros and cons aren’t truthful clear-cut, but aft talking to my retina master and group successful my AMD community, I decided to spell for it. 

I sewage my first oculus injection earlier this summer. I felt a weird sensation of unit but nary pain. And I’m good pinch that.

I dream this curen slows nan maturation of my GA lesions. Though, I’ll admit I’m conflicted astir whether to support getting shots successful my oculus each period aliases truthful for nan remainder of my life. But here’s a small much astir nan thought process down my decision. 

What nan World Looks Like With Geographic Atrophy

My optometrist diagnosed maine pinch early-stage AMD astatine nan property of 54. At nan time, nan retina master told maine not to interest excessively overmuch astir it. Fast guardant 22 years. 

At 76, I person GA successful some eyes. Recently, I became legally unsighted successful nan near one. That’s a spot of a misnomer because I tin still spot retired of it, but I show group to ideate looking astatine life done a lens coated lightly pinch petroleum jelly.

Areas of my cardinal vision, particularly successful nan near eye, are besides blank aliases grayed-out. For example, I can’t spot nan area of my TV if I look consecutive astatine it. Letters are sometimes truthful faint, I can’t publication them. Entire words astatine nan extremity of a condemnation disappear.

And for illustration galore group pinch GA, I can’t make retired facial details. Someone tin beryllium 5 feet successful beforehand of me, and I whitethorn not cognize who they are unless I salary adjacent attraction to their assemblage language. Even my look is foggy erstwhile I look successful nan mirror.

My extent cognition is besides off. The different day, I tried to move h2o into a solid and spilled it each complete nan counter. 

Why I Asked My Doctor About Geographic Atrophy Treatment

This caller curen won’t reverse imagination nonaccomplishment but whitethorn slow nan maturation of GA lesions by 18% to 22% successful nan first 12 months. That complaint whitethorn spell up to 36% if you get monthly shots for 2 years. Those numbers look minimal to me, which is why I was against getting nan changeable astatine first.

But my retina master gave maine immoderate shocking news respective months ago. 

The ocular acuity successful my near oculus was nary longer unchangeable astatine 20/70. At first it was 20/150. But it didn’t enactment there. When I went successful for a checkup a period aliases 2 aft that visit, my imagination had quickly progressed to 20/200. That qualifies maine arsenic legally unsighted successful that eye. 

In nan past, changing my medicine made a large difference. But my optometrist told maine there’s not overmuch he tin do to correct my imagination past this point. That’s erstwhile I realized I needed to do thing to stabilize nan show successful my near eye.

I asked my retina master if this caller changeable could activity for me. While he didn’t bring it up first, he agreed oculus injections mightiness beryllium adjuvant to slow nan progression of GA successful some my eyes. And I tin ever move to amended curen if 1 comes along, he assured me.

While I went up pinch curen successful my near eye, I still person a handbasket of questions moving done my mind. Some you whitethorn want to inquire your expert are: 

  • Do nan shots boost my chances of bedewed AMD? If so, by really much?
  • What happens if I get shots for GA, and past I request them for bedewed AMD?
  • How overmuch will nan shots slow GA complete time? Do nan benefits build up complete time?
  • Are location semipermanent broadside effects we don’t cognize astir yet?
  • Do nan risks and clip committedness outweigh nan benefits?
  • How bad is it really to suffer each my cardinal vision?

Will I Keep Treating My Geographic Atrophy?

My retina master says nan prime is mine, and I tin extremity whenever I want. For now, I scheme to support getting nan shots. And I’ll get curen successful some eyes astatine my adjacent appointment. That intends 1 needle flick successful each oculus connected nan aforesaid day.

My correct oculus was 20/60 nan past clip my oculus expert checked, but I deliberation it's worse now. And I request to protect it arsenic champion I can. So far, it tin capable successful immoderate of nan blank spots successful my near eye. And I ever adjacent my near oculus erstwhile I publication truthful I tin attraction pinch my correct oculus only.

If I knew safe stem compartment therapy aliases cistron therapy was adjacent astatine hand, I would astir apt region nan shots for a small while. But we don't person a timetable for advances successful curen for GA. 

And I’m worried that if I don’t enactment now, my imagination mightiness wholly deteriorate. If that happened, I would regret not doing much erstwhile I had nan chance.

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