Talking With Your Child About CPP

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Some kids look to turn up faster than others. That’s moreover truer if your kid has cardinal precocious puberty (CPP). That’s intersexual maturity that starts earlier property 8 successful girls aliases property 9 successful boys.

Puberty tin impact really your kid looks, feels, and acts. And erstwhile it happens excessively early, kids whitethorn get confused aliases embarrassed. You and your expert tin thief talk them done nan process.

Here are immoderate topics to bring up. 

Body Changes

Often, it's not a aesculapian problem that causes CPP. It’s conscionable an early commencement to a earthy portion of life. Jami Josefson, MD, an endocrinologist astatine Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital successful Chicago, says that’s thing you should show your child.

“They whitethorn beryllium nan first 1 to person immoderate assemblage changes, and that’s OK,” Josefson says. “Let kids cognize there’s thing incorrect pinch them, this is conscionable nan measurement it goes. Soon, everybody other will person these changes, too.”

Josefson suggests parents publication astir puberty pinch their child. There are tons of books to take from, but she likes nan Care & Keeping of You bid by nan American Girl doll company.

Alla Vash-Margita, MD, main of pediatric and teen gynecology astatine Yale Medicine, agrees that your kid should cognize what’s happening to their body. You tin tailor your talks based connected your child’s level of maturity and age.

In her practice, kids who are 7 aliases older usually understand nan connection puberty, but a 4-year-old whitethorn not. So for younger children, she’ll opportunity they’re going done a “transition” from their puerility to teenage years.

Vash-Margita, who treats girls and immoderate transgender boys, says she besides explains everything from bosom improvement and maturation spurts to pubic hairsbreadth and periods. Sometimes she’ll usage school aids.

“I person tons of pictures successful my office, truthful I show them what a assemblage of a kid looks for illustration and nan assemblage of a woman who has had puberty.” 


It’s beautiful communal for kids pinch CPP to return narcotics known arsenic puberty blockers, Vash-Margita says. One of nan main reasons is because early puberty shortens nan model kids person to turn taller. Treatment tin extremity nan encephalon from telling nan pituitary gland to make nan activity hormones testosterone and estrogen. If taken earlier puberty ends – thing doctors fig retired based connected bony maturation – medicine tin region aliases reverse nan maturing process until your kid is older.

Medical tests and treatments tin beryllium a small scary for kids. So Vash-Margita tells them why their puberty is early and why they’ll extremity it. She uses illustrations to show really nan brain, ovaries, and uterus each activity together.

Then she points out, “In your case, nan encephalon started sending signals to your ovaries, and your ovaries started producing different hormone, and this hormone is making each these changes successful your body, and we tin springiness you medicine to artifact that process."

It tin beryllium difficult for really young children to grasp each that. So Vash-Margita sometimes conscionable tells kids that medicine will slow immoderate assemblage changes down and “allow you to look conscionable for illustration your classmates and friends.”

Emotional Challenges

Girls who create earlier than their friends whitethorn go self-conscious. “Developing bosom buds erstwhile you’re 4 aliases 5 is stressful,” says Vash-Margita.

On apical of assemblage changes, kids pinch CPP mightiness person temper swings.

Talk to your expert if your kid isn’t fresh for puberty.

“One of nan goals of therapy is to support girls from having a monthly menstrual cycle,” Josefson says. “Which, erstwhile girls are really young, tin beryllium a situation to understand emotionally and besides from a hygiene perspective.”

Josefson says puberty blockers tin "put everything connected region to forestall kids from processing and appearing older than their age." 

And fto your kid cognize they tin travel to you if they’re emotion low. Make judge to inquire them really their schoolwork and friendships are going, too. Reach retired to a intelligence wellness master immoderate clip you aliases your kid needs immoderate other help. Josefson says a societal worker aliases therapist tin thief your family talk done immoderate of nan fears and anxieties astir CPP.

Keep successful mind that CPP mightiness beryllium a small tougher connected transgender children – those who don’t place pinch nan activity they were assigned astatine birth. Josefson says astir kids pinch CPP are comfortable pinch their gender identity. But early puberty tin beryllium other confusing aliases unwanted for those who aren’t.

Talking to Others About CPP

It’s important to person honorable talks pinch your kid and their doctor. But this benignant of accusation is private, Josefson says, and you don’t person to stock specifications pinch anyone else.

If your extended family aliases child’s teachers bring nan taxable up, “you conscionable opportunity nan kid is gangly for their property aliases this is really improvement runs successful our family,” she says. “It’s benignant of nary of their business.”


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